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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Raising Future Giants Fans

I'm not sure if the Bubs 1 even knows what football is, but I do catch him watching a game on any given Sunday. If he is a fan, then I hope he becomes a Giants fan.

I'm doing my part in socializing him to be a Big Blue fan-atic... Bubs 2 too.

Bubs 1 owns a long-sleeve thermal shirt with the NYG logo, he owned a NYG little skully (which was lost in his preschool... made dad angry), he owns a Big Blue ball cap and his pediatrician even has a Giants poster in his office (pictured right).

It was easy to be a football fan where I grew up. I grew up in a NY Giants culture. Most of my friends and I all played football - and we all loved the Giants. We played pick-up Nerf football games after school and even donned the shoulder pads for a local "pop-warner" league.

There were so many Giants fans around me as a kid, I thought everybody like the Gmen. That is, until I found out that my Uncle Mike was a Jets fan. He was the first Jets fan I ever met. Since then, I've found out that I have other family members who are Jets fans too: Uncle Bill, Aunt Katie and cousins Stacey, Bill, Johnny, (Amy?), Jimmy, Kevin... there are just too many to list. Actually, I just don't want to waste anymore space on my blog talking about the - (gag) - Jets.

I'll just be sure to keep an eye on both the Bubs during family "get-togethers" and make sure he doesn't spend too much time with the Jets crowd... just in case it's contagious.


  1. You should be very careful leaving him unattended around here when you come visit. I still have an extra Eagles hat with his name on it.

  2. hahaha... i show him pictures of Eagles players and then feed him something that leaves a bad taste in his mouth. i'm hoping that he makes the connection soon! ;)


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