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Friday, June 17, 2011

Bubs: Big Man on Campus

 The Bubs and I took a trip back to my alma mater, Wilkes University. We walked through campus and into  Breiseth Hall. We rode the elevator to the second floor and then realized that we needed to head up one more floor. Back into the elevator we went and on up to the third floor. We walked down to the political science department and walked in. The Bubs met one of my professors. I chatted with Dr. Baldino as he smiled down at the Bubs, who was exploring the department office. During our conversation, I learned that Dr. B's kids used to attend elementary school within walking distance from his office. He said that his kids would walk to his office after school, where they would hang out until he was done with work for the day. Prof Baldino said he missed those days. His kids are much older now and on their own.

I was interested in his story, but more interested in the noticeable expression on his face as he reminisced. It struck me that I was in the midst of great memories of my own for another day.

The Bubs, however, was busy spilling the paper clips on the desk of the department's secretary. He was about as interested in my conversation with my former professor as a two-year-old could be.  We said our goodbyes and left the poly sci department office.

We walked through campus on our way out and I decided to click a few pictures. I realized it's not a very big campus and that it seemed so much larger in my memories. I looked around for something interesting, even memorable, to click a picture of. I felt like I was surrounded by opportunities to capture, but couldn't decide. Did I want to click a pic of the building where I took most of my classes or the statue of John Wilkes (of whom the university is named after); or even just something that made the school unique? I then found my photo opportunity:

The Bubs, crouched down near the stroller, looking at the ants on the sidewalk. The same stretch of sidewalk that I traveled on to and from class... day after day until I earned my degree.


  1. i like this article a lot. it's so sweet!

  2. I like it too. I'll bet you never noticed the ants.

  3. as we age we tend to notice new things and sometimes forget about the little things :)


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