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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Sandbox

 The Bub loves his sandbox. His pops built it. It's indoors. He doesn't have to worry about cats getting into it or the rain keeping him out of it. It's big too: 6' by 8' and can fit many of the Bub's friends. It just fits into our spare sun room. I had to remove two sliding glass doors (to the right of the sandbox) in order to get the damn thing inside. All three sliding glass doors (the third one being behind the cameraman) can open (with screen doors) and allow the summer breeze in. There's also half of the room available for the adults to kick back and enjoy too.

I discovered that the Bubs enjoys throwing sand, but I encourage him to keep the sand inside the box. He tests me. He looks at me, from over his shoulder, as he slowly raises a fistful of sand and releases it all. I don't bite on the bait, because he technically is not throwing the sand. I quickly look away so that he stops testing me.

This sandbox is going to teach us both a thing or two about each other.

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