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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Bubs loves playing with his cars on the dining room table. It has a big, flat surface for him to watch the wheels roll along the wood. He likes to lay his head down, sideways and watch those wheels roll along. I join him and we sit there rolling our cars back and forth, back and forth on the table top. Sometimes we'd look at each other and laugh, because we understand how cool this actually is. I remember doing this as a kid myself. Accept my older brother use to try and stop me from playing with his cars because I would "press down on them" and ruin the wheel alignments. I didn't know what he was talking about because I just a toddler. All I remember is our mom holding him back from taking his cars away from me.

I haven't noticed the Bubs pressing down too hard on his cars and all the wheels seem to be rolling along perfectly well. This stay-at-home dad stuff is a lot easier when a dad can pull some information from the files, a.k.a. schemas, in his memory bank. That file could have been easily lost if the Bubs never became interested in his Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. What else am I storing upstairs? What other information can I pull down from years past and help me in this always-changing job description?

I cannot remember if I was supposed to wash my hands before playing with those cars many years ago. I ask myself this because the Bubs tends to get some of his lunch in the front seat of the '71 Dodge.

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  1. Very cool Scott -- brought a tear to this emotional mom's eye. I love that VJ will have this blog to look back on to help remind him of the days he spent with his dad. Very cool indeed.


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