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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Washing the Car

 I woke the Bubs up from his afternoon nap today. He was sleeping more than 2 hours already. If I let him, this kid will sleep for hours during the day. He's groggy and I fear his wrath, but I know he needs to wake up.

Some people aren't "morning people." Well, the Bubs is not an "afternoon person."

He rubbed his eyes. I quickly whisper "Ice pop Bubs. You want an ice pop? We'll go outside and wash the car." I wanted to get that first thought in his head to be something he likes to prevent a melt down.

I think I had him at "ice pop." He lethargically gets on all fours, hesitates in order to balance himself, and stands on his bed. He's still groggy. He reaches up for me to pick him up. We head downstairs.

I quickly throw on his sandals and grab an ice pop from the freezer. I snip the end off of a purple ice pop, because the Bubs said to me, "I want purble." (Yes, I know it's misspelled). I was pretty sure I cured his afternoon rage. However, when we got outside to the driveway he's not happy. He started crying.

The swing! The swing cures all ills. I put him on the swing for 15 minutes and he was as good as new!

Back out to the driveway. He grabbed a scrub brush and went right to work on the car. I was impressed with his work ethic. Scrub, scrub, scrub. I showed him how to clean the first wheel with my own brush. He watched.

I missed a patch of dirt. The Bubs spots it. He said, "Dirty Daddy." I replied, "I know Bubs. I'll get it. Here, why don't you use your brush on the wheel and not on the paint." The Bubs ignored what I asked him to do. He continues to use the brush on the car. He then tells me again that the wheel is dirty. I, again, acknowledge that I missed a patch of dirt and repeat my request to him, "I know Bubs. Why don't you use your brush on the wheel and not the car." Again, he ignores me and continues to brush the car.

I gave up asking and just let him brush the car. He wasn't putting too much muscle into it anyway. I felt like it was my turn to get on the swing.


  1. Three ("Reactions") thumbs up, Scott! Good stuff, domestic dad at his best and Bubs 1 is growing up great too. Funny (odd, not "haha")- I was thinking about you being Google's bitch days before you posted that comment and I think Google has played a good role in your more recent domestication (5-10 years), hah...and on that note vice versa, you-or your type-a great role in Google's growth too. I like how you've always hit me up via Google chat rather than FB, AIM or Yahoo etc and well aware where FB got/stole their primary "chat" and ideas.

  2. Google has taken my life without me knowing it. :) We all work for Google these days.


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