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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Good Day for Running

 Going out for a hike was not on my agenda yesterday morning, but the bubs' mom suggested it. I'm glad that she did, because it was a beautiful day. Although it was a little chilly for just short sleeves, I survived.

They ventured out first while I hung back in the parking lot, inside the car. My blood sugar was low and I was waiting for the ham and cheese sandwich and chocolate chip cookie to ''kick in.'' I sat there in the car and watched my continuing-blood-glucose monitoring system send data to my insulin pump. Slowly, but surely, my blood sugar was rising... 61... five minutes later it was 67... another five minutes later it was 73. I wanted to wait until my blood sugar was at a safe level before exercising, since exercising lowers it. To help raise it, I didn't deliver a new bolus (insulin that you take to cover the food that you eat) so that time wouldn't be an issue. I knew that we weren't planning on hiking too long. I also knew that I would be running, as well as walking, so I wasn't concerned about it spiking on me.

I fell asleep and soon woke myself up from my own snoring. I glanced down at my pump and saw that it had climbed to 100. I decided to get going, because I calculated that I must have been snoozing for at least 20 minutes and I didn't want the family to get too far ahead of me. Plus, I didn't want to fall back asleep and miss the whole hike.
Bubs 1 in March '12

Bubs 2 in May '13
I started running down the path and eventually caught up with them about 15 minutes later. They were almost to our favorite spot, but mom was waiting for Bubs 1' break to finish. Apparently, he decided that he was tired and took a seat on a nearby rock.

The run warmed me up so I didn't feel the chilly breeze as much. I put Bubs 1 on my shoulders and continued down the path. We all arrived to our favorite spot and I realized that Bubs 2 was now big enough to walk/run the boardwalk, which is this narrow strip of wooden walkway as you enter a rocky beach front. I had been clicking pictures of Bubs 1 running on this boardwalk for over the past couple of years.
It's become tradition to click some pics of the little guy running on it. Now it's time to get Bubs 2 running on it. He did and I captured his initiation to our somehow-constructed

Here are a few of my collection. Enjoy.

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