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Friday, January 13, 2012

The Sleeping Sibling

Bubs 2
Bubs 1
These two bubs have many similarities, but I'm confused over which one was easier to get to sleep. The bubs' mom thinks my memory is selective, because I remember bubs 1 being very easy to put down between feedings. She thinks the opposite. Aren't all our memories selective? I distinctly remember how I got bubs 1 to sleep. We had a system and it operated with the consistency of a fine-tuned Swiss watch. Looking back, I can remember that as soon as bubs1 was done with his feeding, I wrapped (swaddled) him tight (hog tie-like) in a Miracle Blanket, popped in a binky and turn on the static (white noise). Presto - sleeping bubs1. That bubs was asleep before I placed him down. I sweat on it!

However, bubs 2 operates on another system - one that I have not yet fully discovered.

I feel like my senses are sharp as I collect data on bubs2's transition to sleep. I notice everything he does, and does not do, when watching this monkey drift towards unconsciousness. My senses are so sharp that it is to the point that if I am holding bubs2 to the north (versus northwest) and he falls asleep - I'll figure it out. No needle too small for this haystack-of-a-detective. I continually think about this as I hover above bubs 2's crib. I hover with a binky in one hand and the volume dial, of the static-playing radio, in the other. Trying to find the right blend of tools to send this kid to la-la land is my goal.

Currently, all indicators are targeting the binky.

Bubs 2
Bubs 2 hasn't taken to the binky as well as bubs 1 and this adds to my work in getting him to sleep. I need to convince bubs 2 on the joys of the binky. Once I have this accomplished, there will be peace. Until then, I'm going to continue to hover. I will continue my vigilance.

Bubs2 will take the binky - and power will be all mine again. muhaha...

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