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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The "Propeller Seed"

 The Bubs and I sat and waited for the "propeller seeds" to fall from the tree tops. I'm not sure if that is the scientific name, but they spin like a helicopter's propeller.

The propeller seeds fell at an inconsistent rate. It was a challenge for me to keep the Bubs staring up in the sky for any extended amount of time. So I resorted to continually pointing up towards the tree and telling the Bubs to "look there" and "there's one!" Thankfully, the propeller seeds were falling at a rate of one every 10-15 seconds (yes, I counted). Soon, he started noticing them before I did.

The Bubs started pointing up towards the sky and saying, "look there Daddy!" I was impressed that these seeds where keeping his attention. It was like striking gold for a two-year-old. However, he soon started randomly pointing all around him while repeating, "look there!" He was clowning around with me.

I sat back and took pride with his sense of humor. I'm looking forward to showing him some of my best humor. Should I tell him I was voted "class clown" in seventh grade? Hmmm... maybe not. Maybe I'll let him develop his own humor and keep out of his way.

I don't want him to be awarded with any "class clown" recognition. There are already too many clowns in this kid's family.

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