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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Egg's Yolk

Bubs1 chowing down his egg
During breakfast yesterday morning, the Bubs asked me for an egg. He loves hard boiled eggs, but just not the yolk. Although the yolk holds many vitamins, it also contains all the egg's fat and cholesterol. Bubs 1 probably doesn't have to worry about his cholesterol levels just yet, but we don't want to turn into a solid when he reaches his 30's.

Bubs1 with a mouthful of egg
without yolk (right hand)
The only problem is that he likes to hide his uneaten yolks. Recently, his mom and I found his yolks on the floor, under the table. Yesterday, he tried to hide his yolk under his napkin. I'm not sure why he feels compelled to hide the yolk. We've never forced him to eat any food. Perhaps he feels guilty?

I remember a night when I was forced to sit at the table and eat my lima beans when I was young. I can't remember if I fed the lima beans to our family dog (under the table). Our dog, Pierre, was always ready and more than willing to accept my hand-me-downs. I memory is not too tarnished, I think that Pierre would have also passed on the lima beans. He had his food challenges too. I just could not deal with the lima bean texture. A lima bean is rough on the outside with a dry-pasty inside (I can feel the hair on my neck raise). I remember dry-heaving one time after being forced to eat one. Like most kids, veggies were not that popular with me.

Bubs 1 laughing after his hidden
yolk was discovered
However, I ate all the veggies that came with Swanson "TV" dinners. Everything tasted good on those aluminum trays. Maybe it was just the sectioned areas of the tin plate that made those veggies edible to me? While in middle school, I used to heat up those frozen dinners in our oven every night after school, when my mom worked her second job at the restaurant. This was pre-microwave times. They took an hour to cook. This oven/stove was old too. If I wanted to use the broiler, then I had to light a match, get down our knees, lean down and reach under the oven and blindly wave the lit match near the open gas feed. When I used the stove top, I also had to use a match and turn the gas dial. Sometimes I'd jump back from just the loud "fwooo!" sound made when the gas caught fire. I always knew when it was going to make that sound if the match was held too long before igniting.

The Bubs won't have to worry about fire-hazard stoves and broilers like the one I had to deal with. He also doesn't have a family dog (yet) that he can feed his egg yolks too. This got me wondering if it is harmful to feed dogs egg yolks. I was sure that I was the only one to think of something so obscure. I even felt kinda dumb, but after conducting a Google search - I started feeling better. It's nice to not be the only dumb person out there: Should I feed my dog egg yolks?

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