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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Coffee House

 The Bubs hung out at a local coffee house for lunch today. He had a banana, blueberry smoothie (with yogurt and no added sugars). We found some board games there too. There was a Cat In the Hat board game. We just looked at the cards and guessed the items on each one, i.e. brush, kite, etc. The Bubs was highly engaged and seemed to be enjoying himself.

He even ventured over to the cushy couches next to our table. He looked comfortable and relaxed. I hope we can get back here regularly. His mom loves it here and I know she'll encourage it. This is the type of place where I would love to encourage the Bubs to "hang out" in. Instead of a game room, mall or bowling ally (or where ever young adults/teenagers hang out today), a book at a coffee house like this would benefit him more (and put me at ease). Since he's still only 2 years old and I'm already looking well into the future, maybe I can help influence this master plan. Maybe I can build a few more bookshelves for his room, pin up cool posters of unique coffee houses or even turn his bedroom into a coffee-house?

I'll build a little couch for him with some cushy pillows. I'll set up a corner table with a chair - maybe a two top? Also, we'll add some acoustic music in the background. His mom and I can then crash his room each morning and sit at that two-top to drink our coffee. This will for surely give the Bub's a true coffee-house influence on his life. He'll enjoy the feeling of comfort each time he sits down inside a coffee house as he moves on in life.

Wait, note to self: Maybe his mom and I shouldn't crash his room with our cups of joe so the strategy doesn't backfire. 

I know, we'll hold all his birthday parties in a coffee house from here on forward!

Wait, that's also a bit much. Don't be so controlling. Hey, we're brainstorming anyway...

(Fast forward to teenage years): The Bubs comes down the stairs from his room. He turns to his brother, Hiro, and says, "Let's go to the coffee house and kill a few hours reading." Hiro obliges.

His mom and I look at each other with relief... and a little bit of pride.

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