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Friday, July 22, 2011

College Library

 The Bubs and I went to visit the college library this morning. His mom and I, many times, find him sitting on his bed with one of his favorite picture books open. He seems to enjoy doing "picture walks" during these times and follows the story via the pictures. He is also pretty good at finishing the last word on each page whenever we read out loud to him.

This library has a couple of shelves with children's books stocked. The books are mainly critical multicultural and purchased by the college library through a children's literature class in the education department. A great way to help the Bubs learn that not all corporations are run by white males. Although he wasn't interested in pulling a book down today, he did enjoy running around the long, two-tiered shelve. The Bubs even found a way to crawl through the bookshelf, which has to be a first for most libraries.

The best part about these books is their location - right next to the snack stand. I can sip a coffee while the Bubs and I continue to cultivate our curiosity for reading.

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