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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Running Laps

 The Bubs is starting to run, run, run. That's how I get him to run too. I just say, "run, run, run" and off he goes. His stride is quick, but little area gets covered. It seems that he should be moving faster for all that work. Up on campus, he practiced running laps. He ran up the steps and down the ramp... up steps down ramp... up and down. I had to sit down while he relentlessly ran lap after lap... after lap.

My earliest memory of running (and not because I was being chased) was with my dad (who wasn't actually running) in the Vernon High School gymnasium. I was only in elementary school, but the high school had a wrestling program for little guys. I remember running around the basketball court with a friend from school. We ran lap after lap after lap. The reason we started running was because we thought we were the first two kids to arrive. Nobody else was there. The gym was empty. So my friend's mom suggested that we run laps (as she and my dad sat and talked on the bleachers). I was running laps for no apparent reason. Around ten laps later, we learned that the wrestling program was being held in the high school cafeteria. We went from being the first two to practice, to the last two to practice as we walked into the cafeteria... but we were already warmed up at least. Years later, I ended up running a marathon, four half-marathons and many other multiple-mile runs... for no apparent reason. Perhaps that day running in the gym wasn't a total waste.

 Maybe the Bubs will run a marathon one day. If he ever asks me to run with him, then I'll be sure to pull out my finish line medallions and running stories to share with him as we run down the road together.

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