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Saturday, April 2, 2011


 The Bubs recently discovered (or rediscovered) our couches. The one is a hand-me-down couch that we acquired free-of-charge. The Bubs seems to find comfort on this couch, which makes the price a true steal. The green futon couch, which sits in another room, is the couch that the Bubs loves to run full speed towards and jump up onto. I say to the Bubs, "Run, run, run and jump on the green couch" and off he goes.

The couch that I grew up with was oddly similar to the neo-comfy couch (picture above). Actually, it's a little eery. From what I can recall, the print and colors are similar - if not exact. However, the arms were not as thick and there were wooden, side-head rests which protruded out from either side (of my childhood couch). Oh ya, there was a lot of cat hair on it.

Please don't misinterpret this to say that my childhood home was dirty (although it was), I'm just describing the couch. I do remember my mom cleaning the house, but she also worked full time when I started school. So this didn't leave too much time for the house, and couch, to be thoroughly cleaned. My father? Well, let's just say he didn't clean. I do remember a day when my mother made my brother and me - get down on our hands and knees - and pick up lint from our rug. Apparently, our vacuum cleaner was broken. You know, even if we did get all the lint picked up off that rug, it wouldn't have mattered much. Cat hair was everywhere. You wouldn't be able to get up off that couch without some cat hair clinging to you. Where am i going with this blog? Maybe I'll just end it here. :) 

Let's just say that if the Bub's ever asks us for a cat, I'll suggest a dog.

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