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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Leaves and the New York Mets

 Two days ago, the Bubs and I were looking through openings between the two-by-fours of a deck. All I had to say was, "Bubs. What's that? Look! What's that?" as I pointed down between the boards on the deck. He bit on the bait with excitement. He got down on his hands and knees, peered through the boards in hopes of seeing whatever it was that I was excited about. I said with excitement in my voice, "leaves Bub! There are leaves down there!" However, this discovery didn't excite him. He acted indifferent. He must have been hoping to see something more interesting.

I remember when the mere mention of leaves excited the Bubs. He must be moving on to bigger and better things. What's next on his list of discoveries? What will he find exciting next?

His Thomas trains are a guarantee. Thomas, James and Rosie are always exciting. However, we need another form of excitement to replace what the leaves once provided. Discovering bugs, tree bark, pine cones, acorns, mud, puddles, muddy puddles all are exciting. The list is endless, but the leaves must be a thing of the past. Maybe they'll return one day. Maybe he'll rediscover the leaves... like when I show him, one day, how to, 1) cover a leaf with notebook paper, 2) shade over the leaf with the side of a freshly, sharpened lead pencil, and 3) Hang up the notebook paper, with the perfect image of a leaf, on his wall. That should bring some excitement back to leaves... some rediscovery... maybe.

Until then, we'll walk some more outdoors and see what else is laying around. I need not worry that he'll lose interest in discovering new things, because that never seems to leave a person. I still enjoy some discovery like wood working and cooking, but I think that rediscovery is sometimes better. Rediscovery brings back old excitement. For example, I've rediscovered my New York Mets. I lost interest after that '86 World Series team, but I remember how cool it was to follow that team. I look forward to having the Mets back in my life. I even look forward to introducing the Bubs to the New York Mets and watching his excitement grow with them too (hopefully).

Maybe the Mets will replace the newly fallen leaves this coming October? That'll bring some excitement.

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