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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Thick

The Bubs decided to check out the new yellow flowers growing on a Forsythia bush nearby campus, so we investigated it together. He found an opening in the thick of it and entered into a cool little area. He seemd to like it and hung out there a while. However, he couldn't get out. He wasn't able to grasp the concept of "backtracking." He decided to push through the wall of twigs near me, but it didn't work. I finally parted the twigs and helped him escape.

Then he ran back to where he entered the bush and went in again, only to get himself trapped again.

Little did I realize that this was fun. Once I realized that he was having fun, I thought about going inside the bush myself. I hesitated. Then I changed my mind. Now, I wish I went inside.

I'm getting boring I think.

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