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Saturday, March 26, 2011


The Bubs and I went exploring on campus the other day. We found a building next to the library and went inside. We climbed three flights of stairs and found this cool hallway that ran for roughly 40 yards in length. Each end of the hallway was a room containing a large, half-circle bench. We ran from one bench, down the hallway, to the other bench - and back again. Again and again we did this until I convinced him to head back downstairs. I was tired and we still had to walk home.

I remember going to work with my mother on a few occasions. There were these three-seat couches in the center of a high-school Guidance Department, where she worked as a secretary. These two couches were positioned with their backs to each other. This allowed me to crawl underneath and hang out for the day without being noticed. I would watch the feet of people, teachers, students and staff walk in and walk out. I remember being able to identify the feet to their owners and even predict which direction they would walk upon entering. I would hear my mom's voice talking and laughing. It was my own world under those couches and time flew by.

Although the Bubs was not in his mother's building while on campus, he was nearby. The "outing" reminded me of my time in Sussex County (NJ) Vo-Tech's, Guidance Department with my mom. These are good memories and I haven't thought about them for a very long time. It makes me wonder what kind of memories the Bub's is going to remember as we explore some more.

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