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Monday, March 7, 2011

Rocket Boy

Our friends next door invited us to attend their rocket launch yesterday. The Bubs has never seen a live launch, but has enjoyed watching airplanes and rockets (and space shuttles) launch on Youtube. We set out for an open space at a nearby college campus to watch liftoff. 
Countdown... and liftoff. As the rocket launched, I had the video camera recording and could not see the Bub's expression. However, he was fighting for me to let him go (as he was before launch). I had to hold him back until the rocket left the platform. The rocket parachuted safely back to the ground. I let the Bubs go so to chase the landed rocket. However the bub's was more interested in where it took off from rather than where it landed.


  1. Wow, awesome! Too bad we missed it. VJ is such a good little scientist afterward, trying to investigate the launch pad. He's like, "Obviously the interesting spot is where the thing took off from, not where it landed!" Haha.

  2. Now that I think about it, you're right! Here I am trying to get him to run after the damn thing, but he is standing there trying to figure out how the heck it took off up into the sky!


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