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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Art of Stuffing your Face

The Bubs sometimes is an aggressive eater. It is almost as if he is soothing a savage hunger inside of himself as he devours low-laying fruits and vegetables. Whenever I notice that he is "jamming" too much food into his mouth, I hold out my hand - palm up - just below his chin. This prompts the Bub to spit the contents out of his mouth.I continually repeat to him, "chew, chew, chew Bub!" Where did he learn to eat like this? Maybe he watches me eat?

I have the unique ability to clean the meat from a chicken wing bone in one swooping bite (or I least I used to). I've always had the knack for eating quickly. Some may think that I was from a big family by the way I attack my food, but that would be wrong. In fact, my elder sibling is seven year older and I've lived under a single-parent roof for half my childhood. There was no competition for food in my home(s).

Perhaps working in all the restaurants? Restaurant workers were typically forced to eat standing up when the house got busy. Also, when "mistakes" were made by the cooks, these dishes were usually devoured by the wait staff in a standing feeding frenzy. In addition, as a kid I ate my mid-morning snacks (type 1 diabetic) in the nurses office as an elementary student. Since none of us kids were allowed to eat outside of the lunch room, i.e. hallways, etc., I always had a fear that a peer would consider me different if he or she saw me eating my snake. This fear led me to eating very quickly. I remember the nurse always making comments that I should take my time and relax. Peer pressure is more powerful than any adult.

Perhaps my past has encouraged my own aggressive eating style? Am I influencing the Bubs? I'll start digitally recording our dinners and get to the bottom of this. ;)

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