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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Giant Penguins

The Bubs surprised me yesterday at Mystick Village. While we were tasting samples of various clam and corn chowder soups, we ran into a giant penguin. I thought the Bubs would act indifferent, but I was wrong. He was thrilled to meet him. In fact he wouldn't leave the giant penguin alone. At one point, the penguin tried to escape so he or she could wave to other children, but the Bubs chased him down.

I am sure that I would have been deathly afraid of any live, giant penguin when I was a kid. However, I'm not sure if I can remember any specific instance where I was confronted with a larger-than-life stuffed animal.

I think that some of my uncles were animated enough to scare the hell out of me. So they, perhaps, bury any memories of any giant Aptenodytes Forsteri in my past.

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