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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Crack in the Track

 While Bubs 1 and I walked on campus today, I noticed that he decided to walk along the curb and balance himself. I thought that this was a good idea and I followed him (with the camera). We both came upon something in our path that he recognized. "Daddy, look. A crack in the track!" he shouted.  The Bubs discovered a crack in the curb. He made a connection to Thomas the Tank Engine story, "A Crack in the Track."

We examined the crack in the curb. It was big. Bubs 1 kicked it and bent over to get a closer look at it. All together, we spent about 5 minutes of our walk analyzing this crack-in-the-curb. The time really wasn't a factor, since we still had an hour to burn before getting Bubs 2 back to mom for a feeding. However, I was concerned that Bubs 2 would wake. I had him out cold in the Ergo baby carrier, which I was wearing. I had to keep moving. I wanted to tell the Bubs 1 this, but I knew that he would not grasp the concept of the time thing.

So I walked in circles while Bubs 1 continued his inspection of the crack. I didn't mind the extra time, because I knew that Bubs 1 was constructing new knowledge. He already had knowledge of the Thomas book prior to discovering the crack in the curb. My guess is that he was building upon his understanding of how a "crack" in one's path can become an obstacle, just like it did when Thomas came upon a crack-in-his-track. However, the crack-in-the-curb didn't stop us. This is where, in my opinion, Bubs 1 was making new meaning. Perhaps he wouldn't have even stopped at this crack-in-the-curb if he hadn't known the story of the crack-in-the-track?

Just think that some weathered piece of cement helped created all this new knowledge.

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