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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Bus Stop

 The Bubs has to be outside and ready to board his school bus at 8:30am. He knows to get ready and meet Mr Roland (bus driver) each morning. The Bubs mom and I are amazed that this little guy (at 3 years old) looks forward (as much as he does) to getting on the bus. He's all smiles when the yellow coach rolls down the hill towards the bus stop. He's a social creature who is fast absorbing his surrounding knowledge.

Here's a picture (bottom, left) of the Bubs, and the Bubs' mom and me, all waiting for Mr Roland to arrive at the Bubs' bus stop last week. We had fun hanging out and anticipating the big yellow bus' arrival. It's a good time for us to tell the Bubs what he's going to expect for the day, i.e. Mr Roland is coming to pick you up and then you're going to go to school and Ms Crocker's room, etc.). Having a plan for the day makes the day more meaningful.

The other picture (top, right) is of my bus stop when I was a kid. This is where I began my relationship with school - on the corners of Highland Lakes and Canadawa roads. Unlike the Bubs, I didn't start boarding a school bus until I was 5 years old. Just as the research suggests, kids who attend pre-school exhibit greater academic benefits later on in their academic careers. I "missed the bus" on attending pre-school (pun intended). My grandmother said that I was a "late bloomer" (just as many of the males in my family were), but I think it had more to do with me having less-access to educational resources early in life (combined with an unstable family later on). Perhaps even some public-school-tracking played a small part in there too. At the end of the day, the Bubs' mom and I are already offering more educational access for the little guy (and his soon-to-be-brother too!).

Since family stability and access to resources are available to the Bubs, we're planning on a meaningful academic experience for him... and this is what it looks like.

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