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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Piano Lesson Money

 Is he musically inclined? We'll have to see. So far, he's showing some interest beyond driving his Matchbox cars and Thomas trains over the keys. The Bubs actually sat down with his cousin, Grace, and tickled the ivories. Or, should I say "plastics," since it was an organ.

This is not just any organ either. It is a Hammond Model T-582 and it belonged to the Bub's great grandma C. It now sits inside the Bub's uncle's home and blends into the background. It no longer sits in the living room at 1 Norfolk Drive, Toms River, NJ where it was the center of xmas singing every holiday season. The Bub's great grandfather played each year. He loved to sing too. Nobody plays it anymore. Now it has started the process of being passed along to various family member's homes. It started off at the Bub's aunt's home and now it resides at his uncle's. Who's next on the list? Good question. Ebay? Don't be silly - it's a family heirloom. It's priceless (but it looks like it could fetch anywhere between $100 to $300 on Craigslist). ;)

Maybe it will find a home in the Bub's house one day? Maybe he'll have a piano instead? Either will be a benefit since his mom and I are hopeful that he'll take lessons. His mom took lessons and can play, but it's been a while. I took a few lessons too, but there's a story attached (of course).

I was taking lessons in Highland Lakes, NJ as a kid. My mother used to drop me off nearby beach #7, where I would take lessons at my piano teacher's house. My teacher had a pretty nice piano in her living room. I remember her hosting a piano recital at her home one night. She invited all her students' families. I remember being nervous as I hung out with the other students in the family room listening to our fellow student play for all the parents (and the teacher). I remember all of us wincing each time one of us struck the wrong key. It was fun. However, all that ended the day that I was dropped off for a lesson and my teacher was not at her home.

My mother had already driven off, so I had to walk back to my house. Somewhere between my teacher's house and my house, I lost the $7 piano lesson money. My mom was angry. That mistake apparently ended my piano lessons. Sad, but true. I can still remember that walk home. I still think I can remember where I may have lost the cash. I doubt it's still there - 30 years later. Perhaps this $7 could have cost me a life as a concert pianist?  Doubtful.

The Bub's cousin, Grace, is musically talented. She plays a host of instruments and even showed the Bubs a few notes on the keyboard this day. Maybe we can ask Grace to give VJ lessons when he's older? Maybe he'll be a concert pianist? Maybe Grace will be a concert pianist?

Just in case, I'll be sure to electronically deposit any piano-lesson money DIRECTLY into Grace's account 

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