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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Confusion of "Having your Cake and Eating it Too."

 The Bubs is growing up with a seemingly innate belief that he can, "have his cake and eat it too." Although we're taught that there is a standard, there are many opinions in the world. With so many ideas out there, who is to say one is right and another is wrong? The Bubs may be welcomed in some groups and labeled by others. His mom and I have our jobs cut-out-for us.

An exciting life awaits him, but he will live in a society that promotes "having your cake and eating too" as THE path to success. He will be taught this in the many institutions and groups around him. He may even fall into the trap. There will be many trampling over each other along this path. Power is addictive.

To compound matters, there are some righteous individuals in our society who will be persuasive too, and the Bubs will have to interact with them. I hope that he finds the humor in these people. Comedians make good money making fun of them. I think the Bubs may even be taking on some of my funniness. ;)

In addition to the boat-loads of fun, he's going to experience lots of frustrating conflict if he doesn't grasp how power works in this society. This awareness only exists on the less traveled path, which not many follow. Power prescribes a standard. I hope the Bubs understands there is no standard. Although, he'll be taught the opposite in some of his schools, jobs, government and social groups.

How confusing this world will be for him, if not already for a two-year-old. It's good thing he has a reliable friend (pictured) who stands on the less-traveled path in life.

I hope they both run into more friends along this path.

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