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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Road Rage or Plastic Car Rage?

 The Bubs and his buddy Rutger were riding on their plastic cars one night at the house. Rutger drove the race car while the Bubs managed the fire engine. They began circling/racing around the coffee table in the living room. However, it soon became more fun to bump their cars together.

After every bump between cars, they both shouted, "bump!" I'm not sure which was more fun for them, the vocalization of the word "bump" or the physical bumping itself. I'm going to guess that both acts brought near-equal enjoyment for both toddlers.

Instead of repeating myself for the boys to stop their bumping "before somebody gets hurt," I decided to take a hands-on approach. I jumped on the bicycle (with training wheels). This move caught them both by surprise.

I was able to move them from "bumping" back to racing. Not only that, but I was in the lead most of the time. This only made them want to catch up to me. Rutger felt confident that he could overtake me on the turns. He must have noticed that I had steering troubles. My handle bars kept hitting my knees thereby preventing me from turning quickly (very painful actually!).

Instead of overtaking me on the corners like Rutger did, the Bubs chose to take me out of the race completely. He just jumped off his ride, grabbed hold of my shirt and tried to pull me from my bike. He did this three times before I gave up.

It was an interesting solution and I am still trying to figure out why the Bubs resorted to such aggressive acts of competition. I may never find out. It just may be a mystery for years to come.

Can I blame Thomas the Steam Engine for this behavior?

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