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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bubs vs Water Sprinkler

 The Bubs discovered a water sprinkler on campus today. The sprinkler head rotated clockwise and the Bubs soon figured it out. He hid behind me at some points, but he soon understood when to approach the water's source.

I can't say that he that figured out when to run... just yet.

As we initially approached the water sprinkler, the sound caught our attention. At first glance, he just pointed and said, "water." I encouraged him to take a closer look. I even edged myself closer to the sprinkler head so that the Bubs would follow. It worked. As soon as he saw the first round of water get dropped in front of us, he was sold. Although not sure how the whole process worked, he walked around me and stepped onto the wet sidewalk. He found a puddle to dip his train "Rosie" (from Thomas the Train) in.

Then the water drops came. He was shocked, but happy as he yelled and ran towards me. He hid behind me in order to study the sprinkler's motion. This process occurred a few times. He soon began connecting that when the water drops passed, he could quickly approach the sprinkler head. However, he would get sidetracked with the puddles and then get caught under the following wave of water drops.

Water sprinkler: 1; Bubs: 0. We'll be back again next week and see if the Bubs can outsmart the sprinkler head.

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