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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day and the Bubs

 On this Father's Day, the Bubs got a new swing. We hung it on a tree limb in the backyard. I learned how to tie a few knots during this project. I had no idea there were so many ways to tie a knot in a rope. I'm pretty sure I used a Running Bowline for all the knots (actually hung two swings - four knots).

The Bubs loves swinging. He calls it "swing-a!" He laughs when pushed higher and then says, "sorry." I'm not sure what the "sorry" means, but perhaps he's just being polite and recognizing my hard work (as I patiently wait for his return flight in order to give another push). He doesn't know how to kick (when swinging) and maintain his own momentum, but I try an explain by bending his knees back (when swinging backward) and kicking his feet out front (when swinging forward). We did this a few times, but no such luck yet. He just laughs at me as I run next to him, bending his legs as he swings.

Pretty soon he's going to graduate to the flat-board, belt or disc swing and leave the baby-seat swing. He's probably ready for these types of swings, but I'm not. My fear is that when this transition occurs, he'll then begin thinking about launching himself from the swing as it extends forward and landing somewhere. He'll do this again and again while trying to beat his longest landing. I will be wondering why he is doing this and doesn't he understand the danger. My mind races, but we're not here yet. This kid still has to learn the basics like holding onto the rope and kicking forward (and backward) and balance...

I guess when it gets to the point where I have to grease up the Bubs legs in order to "slide" them into the leg holes, then I'll retire the baby-seat swing and move onto one of those previously mentioned rocket-launching-parent-heart-attack swings.

Or... maybe, I'll just cut down all the limbs on the trees in our yard.

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