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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Winter Gloves

The Bubs and I headed out for a walk during a recent "blizzard." The wind was whipping and the snow was coming down sideways. The walk lasted for only about 30 minutes before we had to head back indoors. This is mainly because the Bubs decided to remove his gloves and not put them back on. This created a problem since it was bitter cold and I couldn't figure out a way to keep his gloves on him. I guess this is how it goes with a two-year old. Then our neighbors told me how they keep the gloves on their two-year old. They said that in order for their little guy to keep his gloves on, they make it a big deal for he to wear them. They talk up about how cold it is outside and then they pull out the gloves and say, "ooohhh, got to put on your gloves before going outside in that cold!" It apparently works too. Hell,  I'm willing to try it since it seems silly to spend 20 minutes getting the Bubs suited up to go outdoors and then only spending a half-hour out there.

As a kid, I can't remember if gloves were ever an issue with me. It seems that I always wanted to wear them since they made my hands feel warm.  I don't remember my mother, father or brother ever dealing with a glove issue either. I remember having many pairs of gloves in our closets. Gloves galore. On a few occasions my brother, who is seven years my elder, would pull out a couple pairs of thick snow mittens and make me box him when our parents went out for the evening. Those evenings usually ended up with me on the floor crying after receiving a stiff jab or a right hook. He would plead with me to stop crying before mom and dad came home by bribing me with pudding or some other dessert. These boxing matches likely helped me understand the importance of keeping my gloves on.

Perhaps I'm putting too much pressure on the Bubs when insisting that he understand the logic, at two years of age, of wearing gloves in the cold weather. Maybe toddlers are not meant to spend more than 30 minutes outdoors in cold weather. Or maybe he doesn't like the particular pair of gloves that I am requesting him to wear. If this problem continues into the Bub's elementary-school years, then maybe I should ask his uncle (a.k.a. my brother) to babysit the Bub's one night when my wife and I go out for an evening. If I see left over dishes of pudding when I return, then I'll know that it's a good chance that the Bubs will keep his gloves on for now on. 

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