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Thursday, January 13, 2011



This was the Bub's first "official" snowfall. Since these three pictures (from just two days ago), we've already had nearly 24" of more snow fall on us. That just added to the Bub's fun. We (or I) shoveled "pathways" from the doors to the edge of the back yard and around to the driveway in the front... not to mention the entire driveway-to-the-road too. The Bubs gets to avoid having to do all this shoveling, because... well... he's two years old. However, I'm thinking that next year's snow may also bring with it the Bub's first snow shovel. So, until then, I will shovel. I have shoveling experience.

During my periodic stays with my father as a high school student (I went to four different high schools), I was in charge of shoveling the driveways. I was appointed unanimously by the "board of directors," a.k.a. my pops. In fact, he tended to act like a "board of directors" on many other decisions too (just without the diplomacy). I say this in memory of the few occasions where I missed "angling" the transition between the driveway and the road when shoveling my pop's driveways. My pops would get upset if I shoveled straight out without angling at the two corners, because then he would have to back straight out versus being able to "cut the wheel" while still in the driveway. I noticed that my friends didn't have to "angle" their driveways when they shoveled and began to think that my pops was being too anal. However, I couldn't tell him this since he had "shoveled (his) share of driveways" and knew better than me.

I hope to not repeat history and pass onto the Bubs some of my pop's limited reasoning, but I did angle the driveway when I shoveled it just recently. ;)

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