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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time Outs

One moment is full of fun, laughter and many times absurdity, then the next is a "time out." A time out. A lonely seat set apart from where the fun had just transpired. I tell the Bubs that his "time out" stair/seat is a place where he can regain his inner peace, his balance and his focus... lol... I don't think he is "buying" my reasoning just yet, but at least he sits and waits until time is up. He may throw another tantrum while in a "time out," not realizing that it was a tantrum that earned him a "time out" in the first place, but he'll learn that it is a place where he can change his behavior. He's only two years old right now. There's lots of time to absorb more information. Sometimes he acts indifferent during his one-minute sentences and at other times he acts like we just gave him two life sentences. These time outs are new to me too.

I never was given a time out when I was younger. I was probably smacked, but never given a time out. While inside the supermarket (the Vernon A&P) one day, I remember my mom threatening to, "... pull (my) pants down and spank me in front of all these people." That was a real threat and I wanted no part of it. I stopped my negative behavior instantly. I was never a victim of physical abuse (mental abuse perhaps, but that's another blog) and do not want to paint a picture that I suffered any physical abuse. This is not the case. It just seemed to be the way kids were disciplined at the time - the 70's. Many of my friends/peers have the same stories. Today we serve children time outs and no smacking. I didn't even think to think that it might be illegal for someone to hit me back then. Perhaps this is also why society didn't think that a toddler, standing up in the front seat of his mother's big old Pontiac (while she drove), was in any danger either. Those days were full of car-seat-less rides and plenty of candy from strangers as we trick-or-treated until the wee hours on every Halloween night. Either there were not as many pedophiles back then or we just weren't aware of them (as we are today thanks to the increased media).

Anyway, I'm not sure what world the Bubs will be living in. It is overwhelming to imagine this kid any older than he is. I think I need a "time out" now. Move over Bubs...

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