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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bringing Toys to Bed

Lately, the Bubs insists on bringing some of his toys to bed. One day it's his Thomas train (and Percy), but another day it may be his favorite two Hot Wheels cars (or the two favorites on that particular day). I used to think that this was a bad idea. "Bed is for sleeping," an inner voice tells me. But then I think, "Why not?" If the Bubs wants to do a little playing before falling asleep, then great. Why prevent that? I like to read a book before going to bed and the bedroom is not the library. Would I bring the almost-built-dresser, which I'm working on, from the garage to bed with me? No. But if my hobbies still included playing with Hot Wheels cars and Thomas the Steam Engine trains, then perhaps I would. Maybe my wife would have other thoughts about this.

I feel like there's a child psychologist out there reading this and shaking his or her head in disagreement with the Bubs taking his cars to bed. But in reality, there aren't any child psychologists reading this. So, no worries. 


  1. Just hide the hot wheels under the mattress and wait for AM to fall asleep.


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