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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Bubs constructed his first essay yesterday with some makers and construction paper he received on his 2nd birthday a few weeks ago. This essay is not in standard English or any known language, but his fearless attempt to communicate and break some code is commendable. Using multiple colors and the entire surface of the paper suggests that the bub not limiting himself, which is a positive thing for this stay-at-home dad.

I had the opportunity to freelance for a couple of daily newspapers in northeastern pennsylvania. I wasn't successful due to quitting the journalism field after talking with a retired journalist from that particular newspaper. While working in the newsroom one day, this journalist came into the newsroom library and started rummaging for pictures. I began to help him as he was telling me a story of how he needed some pictures on specific dates/stories for his retirement "roast" that evening. He said that newspaper writing was a great career, but the pay was shit. He then looked at me and said, "Get out while you can. You'll never make a buck in this industry." 

Around the same time, I was offered a job managing the restaurant, which I was waiting tables and bartending at part-time (because the newspaper job pay was shit). So I quit the newspaper and managed the restaurant. For me, it was a great move. After a year of managing that restaurant, I had enough. I was burnt out. It positioned me perfectly to get back into school and complete my undone undergraduate degree. Upon finishing the undergraduate, I headed out to California to get into a teaching profession. Then I met my wife and at UCLA the Bubs was born. Can I really thank that old newspaper reporter for all this?

I can't say that the Bub's will be a prolific writer like his dad potentially could have been, but he at least has learned to use the markers more on the paper and less on his hands, face and chairs. Don't worry, it's non-toxic and water washable.  

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