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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Bub is now two years old. He's able to kick the ball on command, but then loses interest after 4 or 5 seconds. I have to wait for about another 15 minutes before I can trick him into being interested in the ball again. He'll run and kick a couple of times and then run right by it without looking back. His sports-attention span is very short, but he loves his Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars. He'll play with them for almost an hour straight without a peep. I somehow have to combine these two activities so I can keep the little guy on track for his professional sports career. Maybe he'll be a Nascar circuit driver or a soccer player? I haven't given him a bat yet, so we're not sure about his baseball career yet. I'm nervous about giving him a bat right now.

I think I'll keep him away from football. With all the head injuries occurring on the field lately, I think I'll give the Bub's mom and me a break with this sport. Too much worrying. I used to play pee-wee league football and loved it, but it has gotten much more competitive since then. This competitiveness likely brings harder hits or perhaps it's just the media now exposing it. Either way I'll error on the side of caution. It is probably against the stay-at-home-dad rule book to say "no football" for this little guy, but I've never been part of the average.

My hope is that he turns into a bookworm and just wants to read all the time. This would be great. He loves his books. He spends lots of time over at his bookshelf just "picture walking" on his own already. I can see not worrying about where he is or who he is hanging out with, when he gets older, if I know that he's likely at a coffee shop or up in his room reading a book. This would make my job (and his mom's job) much easier later on. No popularity contests please. No center-of-attention please. Just a low-key Bubs will be perfect.

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