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Friday, September 10, 2010

Learning the Market

When thinking about ways that a person, a.k.a. a stay at home dad, can bring in money for the household I have been juggling a few ideas. One idea was (and is) learning the stock market better by starting a small account. I started watching Mad Money (Jim Cramer) and reading more articles on market behavior. Instead of going nuts, I decided to invest in a near-penny stock that I researched to have potential. The market is volatile currently and it's no place for knuckleheads like me. So after searching around for one I found Sirius XM Radio (SIRI). Of course as soon as I purchased it, it went down. hahaha... serves me right. But I'm solid in my belief that once this economy gets stronger (whether it is the jobs issue or the housing market keeping it down... or maybe even the fear mongering political strategy by conservatives to better their chances this November) that SIRI will be in good position to take off.

All of this takes time away from the Bub so I try to only jump online when he naps. However, sometimes I just need to know where the DOW is at. Some days the Bub will walk over to me and hand me a book. This is my signal that I'm spending too much time on the computer. Nine out of ten times the Bubs brings me a book, I crawl down on the floor and read it with him. I think this is why he continues to bring me books. I never thought the Bub would help keep my day balanced.

When the Bub gets older and starts hearing that many of his friends' fathers were working full-time when his friends were babies/toddlers, he's going to start asking me questions on why I was home all the time. So when that day comes, I want to be able to support society's majority view (that the man brings home the bacon) and tell the little guy, "Dad did alright Bub." After that conversation, I hope to walk outside to my expensive car in the driveway and drive off to the yacht club for a round of over-priced golf with buddies.

Until then, I think we should all be thinking about buying a satellite radio (a Sirius XM radio). ;)

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