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Friday, September 10, 2010

"I yelled at Kenny today for coloring outside of the lines!" - Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom

I think Mr Dad would have been a better name for this movie, but I was ahead of my time back then. Mr Mom was a great movie for its time. I recreated the bathroom scene (along with my father) when my little guy (a.k.a. The Bub) was only 3 months old.

While at a restaurant on Santa Monica Blvd, I needed to change the Bub's diaper. Since there were no baby/diaper changing platforms in the men's room (not the first time), my father offered to help. While my dad held the Bub up in the air, I slipped off the old diaper and quickly slipped on the new one. I was happy that there were no number two's inside (as I'm sure my pop was too). I happened to notice the hand dryer was directly behind Bub's butt as my father held him high in the air. I thought of Michael Keaton's character (a stay at home dad) doing the same in the men's room (while at a job interview). My next thought was, "glad no one else is in here with us."

Just as I patted the final adhesive on the side of the Bub's diaper (and thinking that we were done without anyone seeing), the bathroom door swings wide open. The look on the guy's face made me think this was not what he was expecting to see. I smiled at the surprised gentleman and said, "Come on in. We're just about done."

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