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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mom Turns 4

Both bubs got to celebrate their mom's birthday tonight (hopefully this blog will publish tonight... the 16th). I prepped Bubs 1 yesterday and today. "Bubs, it's mommy's birthday tomorrow. We're going to sing to her and eat cake," I repeated to him on our car ride home after work yesterday. "What? Are you kidding? What are you saying?" he kept replying. I'm not sure where he learned these scripted responses, but it was creeping me out. "No, bubs. Mommy's birthday is tomorrow," I said again. "She's going to turn (age concealed)." Bubs replied, "Noooooo, she's 4 daddy." He was adamant. He wouldn't accept any other age except 4. We got into a little power struggle. He said she was 4 and I came back with her real age. He was starting to get angry. I stopped, because I knew he won even though he was wrong.

Sometimes I just want to tell this kid that I'm 10x his age and I know a thing or two about a thing or two.

I then remembered that he had recently watched Yo Gabba Gabba's episode where the green-striped dude with lanky, long arms that bend in strange ways (Brobee) was celebrating his birthday. Except it was a surprise birthday that Brobee was having planned for him (I think it's a he). So I just assumed that Bubs 1 was repeating some script in that episode. Based upon this assumption, I added, "But we have to make her a card secretly. It'll be a surprise. Don't tell her." He loved that. "A surprise?" he asked excitedly.

We were cool again.

Since things never exactly turn out the way I plan them, I ended up buying a birthday card today. For one reason or another, we just lost track of time last night and never got that birthday card started. Although we did get to add some glitter glue to the card I bought today and that added some authenticity. Bubs 1 even signed it upon request. He must get that request all of the time in preschool. I notice that his artwork has his name on every piece that is sent home in his backpack. The bubs had his own birthday a couple months ago, so the concept is especially fresh after figuring in the Yo Gabba Gabba birthday show.

Bubs 2 was quiet. He seemed to be in amazement. He just starred at this candle-lit cake in the middle of the table as we all sat in the dark... singing. If he knew better, he'd likely believe that he was in the middle of a cult-like seance. Lucky for him, he's only had limited exposure to things. He has witnessed a three birthdays, at least, so that should have helped him see some degree of normalcy in the ritual. His birthday is next.

I've had some fun birthday parties in my past. Let's see, I've visited the Statue of Liberty on one, although we didn't get to climb to the top due to the 100-plus temps inside Lady Liberty that day (August too). What else? There was... well... hmmm... I'm drawing blanks. My CRS is setting in. I'm sure that I had a few good ones. It seems that my birthday always fell on, or around, some other events anyway, so maybe that's why it's hard to remember. That' s ok, because I'm not big on being in the spotlight. I've had a few birthdays and holidays that spent on my own and I was perfectly ok with that. Especially when I lived out in California, where I spent a couple Thanksgivings and one Christmas completely on my own. It really wasn't bad, because I was living just two blocks from the ocean in beautiful Huntington Beach... and there was always a football game on the television. I have "loner training" too.

I spent many years, as a teenager, being a loner. I went to four different high schools in four years and attended who-knows-how many colleges over a 14-year-undergraduate career before earning my "four-year" degree. I find comfort in being alone, because I had to. The bubs mom likes her solo time too and that's why we click.

As for both bubs, well... I think Bubs 1 can find some utility in his alone time. However, Bubs 2 hates it. He's a people guy. Don't let him see you walk by, if he's alone.

He'll make you come back and pick him up.

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