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Saturday, March 10, 2012

"That Boy Sure Is a Running Fool" - Forest Gump

A small "boardwalk" at the
entrance of the beach area.
When Bubs 1 arrived home on the school bus last Thursday, we all headed for a nearby beach. Once we parked, we had to hike for about 50 minutes through the woods in order to get to the beach's entrance. Along the beaten path, we passed a lot of people walking their dogs. This excited Bubs 1. He greeted every dog with, "Ruff, ruff. Hi doggie."

Bubs 2 slept the entire time. He was tucked inside a sorta reverse-backpack-type-of-thing called an Ergo baby carrier. (not as fancy as the ones in the prior link). He did block the cool ocean breeze for me. Although we could not see the ocean (sound), we could smell the ocean air and feel it's wind as we walked alongside the river in the woods. The multiple land characteristics were pretty cool for traveling such a short distance (about 4 miles total).

Bubs 1 chose to run most of the trail. He walked and ran about three quarters of the hike. His mom and I were surprised by his energy and willingness to continue running once we got to the beach. Although we had the stroller (jogger), Bubs 1 only hitched a ride sparingly.

The beach was wide open space. The bubs just kept running. I was reminded of this movie clip

I'd like to make an early prediction. Bubs 1 is a runner. His dad ran a handful of long distance races including a marathon and multiple half-marathons on the west coast. His grandfather also was a runner. He ran over 70 marathons in his lifetime, including a few 100-mile runs. His uncle is also an experienced runner. Uncle Eric has been running his entire life. He held the national record for the fastest time in a marathon for the 11-13 year-old age category. He's competed in  marathons, triathlons, and even ran an Iron Man (or two?). Not sure, but I wouldn't be surprised.

Talking about all this running has just inspired me to get out and run more regularly. I'll bring the bubs too. We'll bring the jogger for him to sit in and maybe he'll decide to jump out and join me around the track. I know a professor, up on campus, who told me that "nothing is natural." He believes we're taught everything we know - everything. This is sitting in my head right now and has been since I heard him say it. Perhaps a bit too philosophical for this blog post, but nonetheless thought provoking.

Could running also be in Bubs 1's bloodline? I hope so.

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