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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No Artificial Teets

The title is "risky," but it's what Westerly Hospital told us, or encouraged us, to avoid when attempting to soothe a crying, just-born Bubs 2. Our first night with the Bubs 2 was a sleepless one, as was the second, third, fourth and so on. Last night, I gave in and gave an artificial teet to Bubs 2. Mom needed some sleep, so the Bubs 2 and I headed downstairs where I stuck the pacifier in his mouth... I then waited for him to fall asleep.

(fast forward 2 hours later)... still waiting...

At least the binky was keeping him from crying temporarily. He was having difficulties keeping it in his mouth. I thought he had a good handle on it. He was chewing away with rhythm and this led me to attempt getting some rest on the couch. However, the binky would fall from his mouth every time and he'd cry. It was a vicious cycle for those couple hours.

Westerly hospital said that an artificial teet can create what's called "nipple confusion." Such a name makes me think of some funny comments, but I'll hold my tongue. Anyway, I don't think that Bubs 2 is experiencing nipple confusion today. He seems to know who's nipple belongs to who. This is the only pic I can find that has Bubs 2 sucking on a binky. This was taken on day two of his life... just before the nurse spotted it in his mouth and lectured us.

Mom and me nodded and went with it, but I did tell our righteous nurse that our first Bub was given a binky from the nursery at UCLA hospital and he didn't experience any nipple confusion. This didn't go over well with the nurse. She responded, "Well, they're not baby friendly." It took me a few hours to realize that this nurse was making reference to a non-profit initiative (, which is a United Nations - global initiative to encourage breastfeeding. I can respect this because the movement seems to reestablish infant nourishment with the mother - and away from the encroaching corporations selling formula, etc.

However, I wouldn't say that UCLA hospital wasn't (isn't) "baby friendly," but I guess there are just simply a lot more artificial teets in southern California.

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