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Monday, January 24, 2011

A Bluuuurrrrrrrr...

Ever since I started taking this statin medication, my memory has become horrible. My memory of the Bubs aging over the past two years has already become a blur. So taking this medication is doubly troublesome. The pics I chose to take today are purposely blurry in hopes to enhance this post. I have taken a picture of the Bub's almost everyday of his life, not to mention my infamous 30-second videos. My uncle accuses me of single-handedly slowing down Facebook due to the many, two to three 30-second-videos I uploaded onto my Wall - almost daily - for the first year of the Bub's life. I have all these pics and videos on my computer's hard drive and also saved on our remote hard drive (for backup). Whenever I look at some of these recent memories, I'm surprised at the changes this kid is going through. I wish I had this kind of documentation from when I was this age.

When I was a kid, the quickest you could get pictures developed was 24 hours. Developing film in that little of time cost me a lot extra too. This process limited the number of pictures that I have today. Also the moving around from house to house, apartment to apartment and from state to state likely didn't help either. Items, like pictures, tend to get lost due to multiple moves like that. And all the people I ask, who were there during my childhood, seem to have faded memories from back then. I surely understand this due to my faded memory only after one year's time.

I think I'm going to sit the Bubs down, when he's old enough to understand, and play for him all of my 30-second (and longer) videos of his life. I'll crop and edit so that I don't bore the poor kid to death and make it long enough for him to eat through a bag of popcorn with extra butter. In addition, I may also inundate him with my mega-giga stash of pictures. My purpose for all this is to help him better-define who he thinks he is. He'll have the opportunity to review his early life and likely gain a better understanding of his past. Perhaps he'll make connections to faded memories of his own? Maybe he'll even be surprised that he once ate kimchi at just about one year old (in addition to the video of him eating kimchi - it's been viewed by nearly 100 people on Youtube). ;) This kid's basically a rock star in the Asian World.

I hope that if he can see where he's been, that it will give him a clearer picture of where he is - with less blur.

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