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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The Bubs tried out his sidewalk chalk today. This stay-at-home-dad was sure that this activity was a winner... and would buy me at least about 20 minutes of peace.

It lasted less than 5 minutes. The Bub stood up and threw the chalk onto the driveway, breaking it into multiple pieces. He then walked towards the back yard heading for the path to campus. This kid had other plans.

Activities are important, but a two-year-old has the patience of a two-year old. I need about 3 activities for every 10 minutes of rest. This kid is a multi-tasker.

I think I'll continue the sidewalk chalk. It's a crowd pleaser from what I've seen. Maybe I'm not giving the Bub's a chance to show his talent. Maybe my attention span should not be so limited.

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